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Семинар-совещание для идеологического актива Минского района

Seminar-meeting for the ideological asset of the Minsk region


On August 17, 2021, deputy director of the enterprise for production and work with appeals Makarevich Elena Nikolaevna, took part in a seminar-meeting for the ideological asset of the Minsk region on the basis of the Minsk regional executive committee.

Приглашаем на работу

We invite you to work


The state enterprise "BelPSKHAGI" invites you to work as an engineer for land management.

Путешествие недалеко от дома

Traveling close to home


Kayaking is a real romance. Fresh air, splashing water under a paddle, rapidly changing views on both sides of the river, swimming, intimate conversation with fellow travelers, cozy islands, a bright fire in the night, food with smoke from a pot and a sweet dream in a tent accompanied by the sounds of a night forest.




The TIBO Forum is a unique platform for the exchange of international best practices, discussion of state policy in the information sphere, generation of innovative knowledge and discussion of mechanisms for introducing the latest technological trends in various spheres of the economy, business and life of modern society.

Выездное заседание Постоянной комиссии

Visiting meeting of the Standing Commission


A visiting expanded meeting of the Standing Commission on Regional Policy and Local Self-Government of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly was held.

Что? Где? Когда?

What? Where? When?


March 19, 2021 passed the VI Regional Championship on the Intellectual Game "What? Where? When?".

Отдых на базе санатория "Нарочанка"

Rest on the basis of the sanatorium "Narochanka"


On February 27-28, on the basis of the Narochanka sanatorium, competitions were held among employees of enterprises of the State Committee for Property of the Republic of Belarus.

Отчётное  собрание коллектива

Reporting meeting of the collective


On February 26, 2021, the annual (reporting) meeting of the staff of the State Enterprise "BelPSKHAGI" was held to sum up the results of the economic activity of the enterprise for 2020.

Встреча с представителями УСГИК

Meeting with representatives of USGIK


On February 25, 2021, representatives of the Ural-Siberian Geoinformation Company held a scientific and practical master class on the territory of the state enterprise "Belgeodesy"

С высоты птичьего полёта



On the occasion of the professional holiday "Day of workers of the land management and cartographic-geodetic service of the Republic of Belarus" in the publication "Minskaya Pravda" there was a report about the state enterprise "BelPSKHAGI"

Соревнования по бадминтону 2021 года

2021 badminton competition


On February 19, 2021, a busy and intense day of badminton competitions of the enterprises of the State Committee for Property of the Republic of Belarus took place.

Визит представителей РУП «Проектный институт Белгипрозем»

Visit of representatives of RUE "Design Institute Belgiprozem"


On February 5, our enterprise was visited by representatives of RUE Design Institute Belgiprozem - chief engineer Pavel Pavlovich Abragimovich and deputy head of the geoinformation technologies sector Nikolai Nikolaevich Sharokh.

ГИС как средство эффективного производства

GIS as a means of efficient production


GIS is an unlimited opportunity to increase production efficiency with the regular addition of the necessary information to the resources used and the development of tools for their processing.

Космически-земная одиссея белорусского исследователя

The cosmic-terrestrial odyssey of the Belarusian explorer


We present to your attention an article about a young specialist, head of the department of geoinformation services and analytics of the State Enterprise "BelPSKHAGI", Maxim Alexandrovich Gutsaki ".

Заветные сокровища "Форт Боярд"

Cherished treasures "Fort Boyard"


The team of the State Enterprise "BelPSKHAGI", in honor of the 70th anniversary of the enterprise, decided to risk stealing the cherished treasures "Fort Boyard" !!!

The ancient fortress-dungeon "Fort Boyard", they say, is fraught with many unsolved mysteries. And most importantly, treasures are hidden in it, which until today no one could find. Fort Boyard is an unusual place. To get the coveted prize, adventurers will have to go through a series of difficult tests that will test their strength, endurance and team spirit. Everything changes when everyone on the team fully invests in a common goal and task. And now, something incredible happens when the interaction happens exactly as it should happen ...

Last weekend (September 5-6), the team of the enterprise, inspired and united for a common goal, for the sake of victory, success, took the gold of the fortress. Read more about the tests that the participants had to go through in our short photo report ...

Председатель Госкомимущества Республики Беларусь посетил Государственное предприятие «БелПСХАГИ»

The Chairman of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus visited the State Enterprise "BelPSKHAGI"


As part of the working trip, Chairman of the State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus (State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus) Dmitry Matusevich, got acquainted with the activities of the Republican subsidiary aerial photo-geodetic unitary enterprise "BelPSKHAGI".

Появилась свежая ортофотомозаика территории г. Минска и Минского района

There is a fresh orthophotomosaics of the territory of Minsk and the Minsk district


We are glad to announce the good news!

Today on the ERS Data Georesource ( a fresh orthophotomosaic of the territory of the city of Minsk and the Minsk region appeared, filmed in 2019 with a resolution of 15 cm.And we want to add that work is already underway to update some areas , also filmed last year.

Follow our updates ...

Минск в сверхвысоком разрешении...

Minsk in ultra-high resolution ...


Let's start the new year with good news!

Our enterprise has already created an orthophotomosaic of the city of Minsk, surveying 2019 with a resolution of 15 cm, and in the near future fresh images will be added to the Earth remote sensing data Georesource (

27 февраля на общем собрании трудового коллектива были подведены итоги 2019 года

On February 27, at the general meeting of the labor collective, the results of 2019 were summed up


On February 27, at the general meeting of the labor collective, the results of work for 2019 were summed up and plans for 2020 were outlined.

Как мы покоряем горнолыжные трассы

How we conquer the ski slopes

On January 24-26, 2020, a team of 25 employees of the State Enterprise "BelPSKHAGI" conquered the peaks of the snow slopes of the Bukovel ski resort.
Вена (Австрия)-встреча с представителями австрийской авиастроительной

Vienna (Austria) - meeting with representatives of the Austrian aircraft building company


On February 24, 2020, in Vienna (Austria), a meeting was held with representatives of the Austrian aircraft manufacturer DIAMOND Aircraft Industries GmbH, at which they discussed the procedure and conditions for the purchase of an aircraft for aerial photography.


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