Board of honor

In connection with the professional holiday – Day of workers of land survey and geodetic service, for conscientious and fruitful work in the field of land management and aerophotogeodesy research and achievement of high production indicators, on the basis of the order of SE "Baleshare" dated February 17, 2020 No. 40 on the leader Board GP "Baleshare" listed the following employees:

Гуцаки Юлия Владимировна

Goutsaki Yuliya

II category engineer of the department of photogrammetry and geographic information systems

Зайцева Юлия Александровна

Zaitsava Yuliya

Clerk of the department of legal, personnel and organizational work

Бобко Ольга Константиновна

Babko Volha

Leading engineer of the technological department

Зубарев Никита Сергеевич

Zubarau Mikita

Engineer of field survey department

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