Procedure for consideration of appeals from citizens and legal entities

Work with appeals of citizens, including individual entrepreneurs, and legal entities in the republican subsidiary aerophotogeodetic unitary enterprise "BelPSKHAGI" (hereinafter referred to as the enterprise) is carried out in accordance with:  

When an enterprise receives written or electronic applications containing issues the solution of which does not fall within its competence, the enterprise, within five working days, sends applications for consideration to organizations in accordance with their competence and notifies the applicants at the same time or at the same time in the manner , established by the Law of the Republic of Belarus of July 18, 2011 No. 300-З "On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities", leaves appeals without consideration on the merits and notifies the applicants about it with an explanation of which organization and in what order should be applied to resolve issues, set out in the appeals.

If the resolution of the issues set forth during the personal meeting does not fall within the competence of the enterprise, the relevant officials do not consider the appeal on the merits, but explain which organization should be contacted to resolve the issues set forth in the appeal.

If additional study and verification is required to resolve the issue stated in the oral appeal and related to the competence of the enterprise, the appeal is stated by the applicant in writing and is subject to consideration in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated July 18, 2011 No. 300-З "On citizens' appeals and legal entities "for written requests. Applications filed in the manner prescribed by the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated July 18, 2011 No. 300-З "On Applications of Citizens and Legal Entities" are subject to compulsory acceptance and registration.

Requirements for requests

Applications are submitted by applicants in Belarusian or Russian in written or electronic form, and are also presented orally. Written appeals are submitted by courier, by mail, during a personal appointment, by making comments and (or) suggestions in the book of comments and suggestions. Oral appeals are presented during a personal meeting.
Written appeals

Written applications of citizens must contain:    Written applications of legal entities must contain:   
Comments and (or) suggestions are entered into the book of comments and suggestions in accordance with the form of comments and proposals established by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. The text of the appeal should be readable. Handwritten messages should be written in clear, legible handwriting. The use of obscene or offensive words or expressions in addresses is not allowed. Written applications submitted by the representatives of the applicants are accompanied by documents confirming their authority. Applications should contain information on the results of their previous consideration with the attachment (if any) of documents confirming this information.

Deadlines for considering applications

Responses to appeals are given within the time frame established by Article 17 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated July 18, 2011 No. 300-З "On appeals of citizens and legal entities." Written and electronic applications received by the enterprise are considered within a period of no later than fifteen days, and applications requiring additional study and verification - no later than one month, unless another period is established by legislative acts.

In the event that in order to resolve the issues set out in the appeals, it is necessary to perform certain actions (performance of work, provision of services), receipt of information from a foreign state within a period exceeding a month, applicants no later than one month from the day following the day of receipt of applications, a written notification is sent about the reasons for exceeding the monthly period and the timing of such actions (performance of work, provision of services) or the timing of consideration of appeals on the merits.

The term for consideration of applications is calculated from the day following the day of registration of applications. If the last day of the term for consideration of applications falls on a non-working day, then the first working day following it is considered the day of expiry of the term.

Please note that in accordance with subparagraph 1.1 of paragraph 1 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated October 15, 2007 No. 498 "On additional measures to work with appeals of citizens and legal entities", appeals (proposals, statements, complaints) of citizens, including individual entrepreneurs , and legal entities, regardless of which state body or other organization (hereinafter, unless otherwise indicated, the organization) they entered, are initially subject to consideration on the merits in accordance with the competence:

Electronic appeal

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