Web GIS is a geographic information system on the Internet / Intranet network, whose users can view, edit and analyze spatial data using conventional web browsers. In web GIS can be implemented almost any function available in desktop GIS: map navigation, data editing, spatial analysis, search, geocoding and more.

To work in web GIS, the user does not need specialized software or the qualification of a GIS specialist. It is enough to have a web browser and an Internet connection.

The main advantages of using web GIS over desktop and mobile GIS are:

The work of web GIS is based on GIS services, ie web services that provide access to spatial data, their processing, analysis, retrieval and visualization.

GIS technology combines disparate data into a single species. Data sources can be:

SE "BelPSHAGI" performs a full cycle of work on the creation of web GIS, including:

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