Geo-resource of remote sensing data

Want to create a map or GIS? Carry out an inventory of your infrastructure based on current geodata? Or just want to see your home from a bird's eye view? You should use the Geographic Information Resource of Earth Remote Sensing Data!

ERS Georesource is an information service that allows you to view information about the availability of ERS data on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and their characteristics through the Internet and a browser. The data placed on the ERS Georesource have high visual qualities (spatial resolution of the survey - from 5 to 30 cm per pixel) and spatial accuracy (the accuracy of determining the coordinates of the terrain points by orthophoto mosaics - up to 30 cm). These indicators, combined with round-the-clock online access to data, as well as the ability to create mosaics in the user-required coordinate system and integrate it into most popular GIS applications (such as ArcGIS, QGIS, AutoCAD, ZuluGIS, GIS Panorama, etc.) enable ERS Georesource to successfully compete in the market of ERS data services with such well-known brands as Yandex.Maps, Google Maps and Bing.

Currently, two options for using ERS Georesource data are available to consumers. The free version, implemented on the website, allows you to get acquainted with the current remote sensing data for the territory of certain regions and cities of the Republic of Belarus, information about them, as well as with the plan of the next aerial survey of the area of ​​interest.

In the commercial version, orthophotomosaics becomes available to the consumer for quick download via the Internet into their applied geoinformation systems and programs, which makes it possible to use it to create new thematic layers based on the current orthophotomosaic.

As additional services, the consumer also has the opportunity to access the archived data available on the ERS Georesource for the requested territory, as well as add an orthophoto substrate to the user's information resources and sites.

The ERS georesource can be used in various directions: the state land cadastre, when carrying out technical inventory and state registration of real estate, creating and updating topographic and navigational maps and plans, as a spatial basis (substrate) for other cadastres and GIS, as well as in information and for reference purposes. The geographic information resource of remote sensing data can be used as an independent source of spatial data for a GIS consumer, as well as as an integral part of other information systems and portals, which actually makes it a part of a promising spatial data infrastructure of the Republic of Belarus.

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