12.05.2023 Республиканский конкурс профессионального мастерства «МИНСКИЙ МАСТЕР – 2023» по профессии «Геодезист»

On May 11, on the basis of the sports and recreation base of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus "Ratomka", the republican competition of professional skills "Minsk Master - 2023" in the profession "Surveyor" was held. Six organizations of the system of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Forestry took part in the competition. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Chairman of the State Property Committee Bober Nikolai Pavlovich and Chairman of the Belarusian Trade Union of Forestry and Nature Management Goeva Cheslava Stanislavovna, as well as heads, deputy heads of organizations, heads of departments, chairmen of the primary trade union organizations. The jury of the competition included the head of the department of geodesy and cartography of the State Committee for Property of the Republic of Belarus Olekhnovich Vitaly Cheslavovich, the first deputy director - the chief engineer of the State Enterprise "Belgeodeziya" Prisyazhnyuk Anatoly Petrovich, the first deputy general director, the chief engineer of the UE "Design Institute Belgiprozem" Abragimovich Pavel Pavlovich.
The team of the State Enterprise "BelPSHAGI" performed worthily in the competition, having received a diploma for participation and high professional qualities.
Congratulations to our team!

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