01.02.2024 Завершен важный этап электоральной кампании, начавший период предвыборной агитации

On the last day of January, the campaign period began in Belarus, which, as a rule, is the brightest and most active stage in election campaigns, and will last until February 24.

At this point, the registration stage of the 2024 elections ended, and not all candidates passed it. According to information provided by the Chairman of the Central Election Commission Igor Karpenko, at the moment there are 265 candidates vying for 110 deputy seats in the House of Representatives, including 10 young citizens under 31 and 92 women. In total, the competition is 2.4 people per place.

As for local councils of deputies, 18,802 representatives will compete for 12,514 seats (approximately 1.5 people per seat). Two or three candidates for a deputy mandate have been identified in each electoral district of regional Councils of Deputies, in Minsk - from two to four, as well as six candidates in one of the electoral districts. As for the party's role in the elections, it remains unknown. You can expect full statistics on the CEC website.

  As for the pre-election campaign period, it started on January 31 and will last until February 24, inclusive. Campaigning can be carried out in various forms: meetings, pickets, rallies, meetings, creation of campaign materials and financing of campaign activities permitted by law using election funds. The single voting day is set for Sunday, February 25.

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