12.09.2022 Экскурсия Воложинские гостинцы

On September 10, 2022, the BelPSHAGI team went on a tourist excursion along the route Krevo - Golshany - the GrandMilk cheese factory - the ELAGMA estate. The employees saw a lot of new and informative things, visited interesting places, including the Krevo Castle, as well as one of the triangulation points of the Struve Arc, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Struve Arc Museum in Golshany. After that we visited the only craft cheese factory in Belarus, where traditional methods of cheese making are used. There was a master class on making soft mozzarella cheese, as well as a tasting of 10 types of cheeses. The end point of the route was the estate "ELAGMA" known for its cozy triangular houses and hygge in the interior, where the owners themselves brew vegetarian craft ale and share the secrets of its preparation at a brewing master class.

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