17.05.2023 Админпроцедуры по госрегистрации недвижимости с 2024 года будут доступны в электронной форме

A press conference was held in Minsk on the topic "Creating a digital space in the field of real estate for citizens, government and business. Promising areas of work of the National Cadastral Agency." Representatives of the agency spoke about the results achieved and development plans. One of the main areas of digitalization of services is the transfer of administrative procedures to electronic form in order to simplify the process of submitting documents and obtaining a decision for applicants. As part of this direction, a single portal of electronic services will be created, on which citizens and businesses will be able to complete the procedure for registering real estate remotely. Currently, specialists will begin testing the system to check whether all the tasks associated with automatically pulling the necessary information from other resources have been completed. In case of successful completion of testing, administrative procedures related to the state registration of real estate will be carried out remotely in electronic form through a single portal of electronic services. One of the activities of the National Cadastral Agency is cadastral valuation. There are plans to continue work on automating the cadastral valuation and improving the cadastral valuation methodology.

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