06.07.2021 Путешествие недалеко от дома

Kayaking is a real romance. Fresh air, splashing water under a paddle, rapidly changing views on both sides of the river, swimming, intimate conversation with fellow travelers, cozy islands, a bright fire in the night, food with smoke from a pot and a sweet dream in a tent accompanied by the sounds of a night forest.

Last weekend, the most athletic representatives of the workforce set off on an exciting journey along the Uzlyanka and Narochanka rivers. The rivers themselves are not wide, shallow and not fast. But across the channel there were trees and other obstacles sketched out. And all this the team had to overcome.

Kayaking is not only a sport and training in teamwork, but also lively emotions, beautiful landscapes, clean air and, what is important, a great opportunity to switch and take a break from the bustle of the city, tighten up your physical fitness, test your spirit and admire the nature of your native country.

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