18.09.2020 Заветные сокровища "Форт Боярд"

The team of the State Enterprise "BelPSKHAGI", in honor of the 70th anniversary of the enterprise, decided to risk stealing the cherished treasures "Fort Boyard" !!!

The ancient fortress-dungeon "Fort Boyard", they say, is fraught with many unsolved mysteries. And most importantly, treasures are hidden in it, which until today no one could find. Fort Boyard is an unusual place. To get the coveted prize, adventurers will have to go through a series of difficult tests that will test their strength, endurance and team spirit. Everything changes when everyone on the team fully invests in a common goal and task. And now, something incredible happens when the interaction happens exactly as it should happen ...

Last weekend (September 5-6), the team of the enterprise, inspired and united for a common goal, for the sake of victory, success, took the gold of the fortress.

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