24.02.2020 Вена (Австрия)-встреча с представителями австрийской авиастроительной

On February 24, 2020, in Vienna (Austria), a meeting was held with representatives of the Austrian aircraft manufacturer DIAMOND Aircraft Industries GmbH, at which the procedure and conditions for purchasing an aircraft for aerial photography were discussed.

NP Bober, chief engineer of Design Institute Belgiprozem, took part in the negotiations, director ON Balitsky and chief engineer VI Golovachev on behalf of the State Enterprise BelPSKHAGI.

Within the framework of the meeting, an acquaintance with the production was carried out, the technical possibilities of using aircraft for aerial photography were studied, and a test flight was performed on the Diamond DA42 aircraft. As a result of the meeting, agreements were reached on the continuation of the negotiation procedure in order to determine the required specification and technical characteristics of the aircraft, as well as agree on the terms of concluding a contract with the relevant ministries.

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