27.02.2020 Как мы покоряем горнолыжные трассы

On January 24-26, 2020, a team of 25 employees of the State Enterprise "BelPSKHAGI" conquered the peaks of the snow slopes of the Bukovel ski resort.

The most courageous climbed to the highest point of the ski slope in the Carpathians, and after taking a few memorable photos at the top, went to the foot on snowboards and alpine skis.

After spending several unforgettable and eventful days at the ski resort, the team in full force, full of strength and in an excellent mood, begins to perform work tasks. This is how, brightly and actively, our company begins the jubilee 2020, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State Enterprise "BelPSKHAGI".

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