01.03.2020 27 февраля на общем собрании трудового коллектива были подведены итоги 2019 года

On February 27, at a general meeting of the labor collective, the results of work for 2019 were summed up and plans for 2020 were outlined.

The meeting was attended by the head of the cadastre department of the State Committee for Property of the Republic of Belarus Pigal Natalya Evgenievna, General Director of the Belgiprozem Design Institute, Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Shalypin, and Natalya Anatolyevna Zhuk, Chairman of the Senitsky Village Executive Committee.

Director of the enterprise Oleg Nikolaevich Balitsky made a report "On the results of the work of the State Enterprise" BelPSKHAGI "for 2019 and plans for 2020". Oleg Nikolaevich announced the main economic indicators for the past year. So, in 2019, the enterprise provided work for 4.72 million rubles, which is 19% more than the volume of work in 2018. The aerial survey covered an area of ​​47627 sq. Km. In 2019, the enterprise put into operation the Georesource of remote sensing data and entered a five-year cycle of its renewal.

The general director of the Belgiprozem Design Institute, Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Shalypin, also spoke to the labor collective, who thanked the staff for the work done and outlined the promising directions of the enterprise's development. The most distinguished employees were presented with their well-deserved awards.

The meeting ended with the performance of the artists.

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